Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Processing Internal Tables

Internal Table is a main part of ABAP programming. In ABAP, internal tables fulfill the function of arrays. It is a data that have a structure and could contain more than one row.

Please refer to Data declaration for creating an internal table.

These are how to process internal table.

1. Sort Internal Table

SORT inttab BY field1 field2 ... field-n.

2. Loop At internal Table
LOOP AT inttab.

3. Modify
3.1. Modify in a LOOP.
LOOP AT inttab.
MOVE ... TO inttab-field1.
MODIFY inttab.

3.2. MODIFY BY index
MODIFY inttab INDEX int_index.

3.3. MODIFY BY condition
MODIFY inttab WHERE field1 = ....

4. Insert / Append
APPEND inttab.

5. Delete
Delete have variant similar to modify, delete in a loop, delete by index, and delete by criteria.


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